[AACZ-Kandidaten] GV and Admission

Dear candidates,

despite the loosing of the lock-down we are still far from normal. To the AACZ this means that the general assembly will not take place as originally planned. Only the most important topics like budget and huts etc. are treated in a remote manner. All other affairs need to be postponed to a later point in time, presumably in autumn when we can have again larger meetings.This also affects the admissions of new members which we will do at the first post-Corona-Lockdown-all-club event that we will have. I'm aware that this might be a bit disappointing to you who are eagerly waiting to be admitted to the club. It's a consequence of the strange times we live in and I ask you to see this as a sign of how important the personal contact is within the AACZ and how much your admission is valued.

Nonetheless, we can continue with the preparation of your admission: Those of you who haven't done that yet and are with the club for at least 6 month: please let me know that you want to become a club member. Please add a short bio and some information of your alpinistic activities in the recent years with the club and without, what club events you have attended, which three memembers support your application (Please ask them directly to send a few supporting lines to me) and how you are connected to the academic institutions in Zürich. If you have some special alpinistic planes for the future you are welcome to share them as well. I would also like to ask for a suggestion of an event or tour you could organize after your admission (once this is possible again).

Some of you have send this information already, however I have not received many references so far. Please check with the club members you have asked to send me a few supporting lines.

I am looking forward to having everything ready for your admission as soon as we can have an assembly.

Best regards,


Akademischer Alpenclub Zürich (AACZ)