[AACZ-Kandidaten] Reminder: Admission as AACZ member

Dear AACZ candidates,Sorry for spamming those of you, who have already answered my last email.I would like to remind you of the next opportunity for admission as member of the Academic Alpine Club Zürich:General assembly, Friday June 7th 2019.Please don't miss this opportunity if you have been a candidate for at least 6 months. If you have been a candidate for close to 18 month you should definitively apply. Remember that this is the time limit set in the club regulations.To apply just send me an email with a short summary of your recent alpinistic activities and future plans, the club events that you have attended and the names of three club members that are willing to support your application (don't be shy to approach them, they will be happy to do so).After your admission we would appreciate if you could contribute to the club program by origanising an alpinistic event of any kind. Please let me know your ideas and surprize me with your creativity.I'm looking forward to hearing from you before Friday April 26th (6 weeks before the GV). If you have any questions don't hesitate to approach me.Best,Tobias 

Akademischer Alpenclub Zürich (AACZ)