Skitouring in JUF

As every year, there was a big skitouring weekend in 2019, which took place on the 9th to 10th of March. Talking to Franz back in November, he proposed the rural valley of Avers in Graubünden. Making use of his old connections to the Pension Edelweiss, we happened to stay at the very end of the valley, in Juf. This high alpine valley with its >2000m of elevation is the highest permanently inhabited place in Switzerland and thus it was perfectly located given the warm February of 2019. There was plenty of snow left and the weather was a lot better than the devastating forecast the week before, being a mixture of clouds and blue sky. In total 25 club members joined, most choosing public transport (SBB and Post-Auto) to get there. Given the high altitude of the valley, most of the tours were just about a 1000m in elevation, which led some of us to be doing three summits in a day, coming back to Juf for a coffee/beer in between. In the evening, we all gathered in the Pension for dinner. There, we were served traditional Swiss food and drinks. Younger members happily listened to the stories that ‘more experienced’ members had to tell from the days back when expeditions were still a challenging adventure. Who would drive to Pakistan by car in order to climb unknown summits nowadays?