• Fondei Weihnachstkneipp 2018


    The AACZ tradition was perpetuated this December with the holding of the tradional Fondei Weihnachstkneipp!

  • Skiing with the monks: Simplon-Hospiz


    As every year, there was a big skitouring weekend in 2018, which took place on the 24th to 25th of March. Organization and report by Christoph.


  • Stiftungsfest 2018 - Windgällenhütte


    The 8-9 Septembre 2018 was held the tradional AACZ Stiftungsfest! This year, the amazing crew of the Windgällenhütte welcomed a large group of Hüttli.

    Hikink, climbing, crystal hunting... there were activities for everyone :-) 

  • Trip report: climbing in Mallos de Riglos


    As summer is slowly arriving and the climbing season is kicking off, here is some inspiration from last October's club trip to Spain. Trip report courtesy of Javi.


    From the 26th to the 29thof October, eight Hüttli decided to pay a visit to one of Spain’s most iconic multi-pitch climbing areas: Mallos de Riglos.

  • Fontainebleau Boulder Weekend



    October 14-15, 2017

    Perfect weather conditions for 2 days of bouldering in the forest J

    Although many people expressed interest in the weekend, the rather high fares for the train connection to Paris discouraged all but three adventurous AACZ members to embark for the snail-eaters’ country.

  • Fondei Weihnachtskneipp 2016

    As every year, early December marks the time for one of the highlights of the AACZ calendar: The Fondei Weihnachstkneipp. As in the past few years, early December of 2016 did not spoil us with lots of snow. In fact, the meadows and summits around the Fondei hut were mostly brown. The weather on Saturday was beautiful and many of the Kneipp-attendants took a little detour walking via the Blackter Furgelli cathcing as much of the sun as possible.

  • Adventures with a French touch - Touring Weekend in Val d'Arolla

    Seven Hüttli decided to confront the changing weather of the ending summer and do a Hochtour
    weekend close to Arolla, sleeping, some in tents and the bravest one(s), outside. Their goal was
    to reach the Mt. Blanc de Cheillon (3870m).
    Three of them, Karen B., Philip O. and Josquin P., decided to leave on Friday, walking into the
    night with heavy packs up to a very comfortable looking meadow overlooking a little river at
    around 2500m of altitude. In this pastoral setting, the trio dined on cheap chinese soups before