Admission and Membership

The main difference between other mountaineering clubs and the AACZ is that we do not offer guided tours and training courses. Every tour with the AACZ is self-guided and everyone is responsible for themselves. Because of this, it is very important that you already command alpinistic skills and have experience in the mountains. In order to make sure that future members fulfill these preconditions, you cannot simply join the AACZ, but  have to follow this procedure: 

If you are interested in our club, just write a message to the admission committee, in which you introduce yourself and add a small description of your interests and mountaineering experience. You can meet some of the members at regular climbing sessions or at the meetings of the active club (see event calendar). During the first phase, you will be listed as a "candidate" or "guest member." You can participate in (almost) all club activities (except for tours with limited number of places and events that are reserved for members, such as General Assembly). During these activities, you can get to know some of the members of the club. The status of "guest member" is limited to one year. During this time, you can also catch up on alpinistic training by registering for courses with the ASVZ/SAC (e.g. lead climbing, crevasse rescue, avalance training).

After 6-12 month, you can apply for membership. To do this, write an email to the Comité, explaining your interest in the club and mentioning the tours you did with the club (these should be at least 2). State that you command the basic mountaineering skills and give the name of three members who can attest to these skills and support your application, meaning that they have been on tour with you. In addition, you should think about how you would like to contribute to the club life (e.g. by organizing a tour, helping out with the Comité work etc.). If you cannot think of such an activity, the Comité will be glad to help. As soon as we have received the three mails of your supporters, you will be admitted at the  official meeting of the club that you can personally attend.

Membership - Cost

The fee for membership of the AACZ is currently CHF 60 per year and includes the reciprocal rights at SAC and the other alpine clubs.