Autumn slab session


Romain, Noemie, Florian, and myself escaped the northern rains and enjoyed slab climbing in the beautiful Ticino autumn weather. Noemie and Romain went for a multi-pitch climb outside of Ponte Brolla (Speroni, Quarzi route) while Florian and myself opted for single pitch climbs on the eastern and central sector. 



June 28-30, 2019
A large group consisting of 20 AACZ members enjoyed the perfect conditions at the Krönten region for 3 days of multi-pitch climbing and  high-alpine tours.   
One of the highlights were the long climbing routes at Gwächten and Vorder-Päuggenstöckli and the high-alpine tour at the Krönten via the east ridge.  
The Obersee was perfectly suitable to cool the glowing feet after long climbing routes.

Fontainebleau Boulder Weekend



October 14-15, 2017

Perfect weather conditions for 2 days of bouldering in the forest J

Although many people expressed interest in the weekend, the rather high fares for the train connection to Paris discouraged all but three adventurous AACZ members to embark for the snail-eaters’ country.

Sports Climbing in Kalymnos


Sharp rock, comically aggressive goats and sweeping vistas of the Aegean Sea. Climbing in Kalymnos was even better than advertised. While it is "only" sports climbing, and as such perhaps below the radar for denizens of the high Alps, the AACZ enjoyed a week's awesome climbing on some pretty high quality routes. 

Thank you to Hansi for the pro-level photos (click for the full glory).

Click to open the post for more photos and a few tidbits of logistical information.


Climbing/Bouldering meetup


In summer (April/May to September/October) we meet irregularly in the ETH bouldering facility at Hönggerberg.

All year round, we meet on Thursdays in the climbing gym Gaswerk Schlieren on Wednesdays from approximately 6:30-7pm on. Everyone is welcome to join.

Bouldering meetup in Minimum are currently irregular, but chances are high to meet people from AACZ more or less every day :-)