Fondei Weihnachstkneipp 2018

The AACZ tradition was perpetuated this December with the holding of the tradional Fondei Weihnachstkneipp!

Snow was announced to be present in quantity... on Sunday! Some optimistic Huttli still went up with the skis and managed to find some snow on Saturady, while some walk up to the hut. Firewood and licor warmed the hut in the evening before a (peaceful? noisy? Opinions diverge :-) ) night. The annouced snow storm was here indeed in the morning. Most of us went directly down toward Langwies via the 'summer route' (very nice, even in winter!), but a few adventurous went up to the Durannapass in the blizzard. 

As always, it was overall a lot of fun! Snow is definitely here now, let's go out!

Merry Christmas everyone :-)