Winter weekend in Val Müstair


In total 12 Hüttli participated in the Val Müstair trip organized for January 20-22 by Christoph Basten. We stayed in the hostel in Sta. Maria, a nice old wooden farm house, and had dinner the nearby restaurants Alpina and Schweizerhof. Some of us also tried the "Smallest Whiskey Bar on Earth" across the street. While we were super lucky with sunny weather on all three days, the snow was not always as plentiful as we would have wished. While there was enough high quality snow for Munt Buffalora on Sunday, the Friday and Saturday tours to respectively Piz Daint (the "outer mountain" of Val Müstair, which we climbed from Punt Buffalora nearby Ofenpass) and Piz Val Gronda (directly from Sta. Maria) caused some scratches to our skis, but were otherwise fun nonetheless. Hopefully we will get a chance to do the mountains we had to skip this time, in particular Piz Terza, on another occasion.