LVS Training Diavolezza

On November 4 and 5 of 2016 Moritz Wälde and I organized an avalanche training weekend at

Diavolezza in eastern Switzerland, with the goal of providing a refresher to avalanche rescue

and prevention skill. The plan was to conduct a beacon (LVS) training on Saturday afternoon

and organize some talks in the evening about prevention techniques, and finally to enjoy a nice

tour or some skiing on Sunday.

Upon arriving at the base, we found that much of the available area for skiing was closed for

race training, thus the group passed on the gondola ride to Diavolezza and skinned up to the

slopes. While disappointed in the lack of skiing options, I believe this trek uphill woke-up both

the mind and the legs for the season to come.

Later in the afternoon, we began out LVS training, splitting in to two groups. Despite the

variable depth of snow (including some very shallow areas), groups were able to bury beacons

and retrieved them, usually in teams of three. During this time, we also discussed the finer

points of a course, initial search, as well as techniques to make the close-range search fast and

efficient. Given the large range of experience of the participants, it served as an excellent

opportunity to share different techniques and expose some to the basics of LVS rescue.

Upon completion of the training we retreated to Diavollezza, where we talked a bit more about

avalanches, enjoyed some live music and a tasty dinner. The following Sunday, several enjoyed

a climb on a nearby peak, while others continued to freshen up the legs with some skiing on the

available runs...And with that ski season 2016-2017 had started!

So here is to a long, snowy and, most of all, safe winter with loads of good laughs and excellent

ski tours!