Sports Climbing in Kalymnos

Sharp rock, comically aggressive goats and sweeping vistas of the Aegean Sea. Climbing in Kalymnos was even better than advertised. While it is "only" sports climbing, and as such perhaps below the radar for denizens of the high Alps, the AACZ enjoyed a week's awesome climbing on some pretty high quality routes. 

Thank you to Hansi for the pro-level photos (click for the full glory).

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Climbing in September: warm, but not a problem in the shade. An early start helps, there are many sectors in the shade until the morning. If the sector gets the sun in the afternoon, take a lunch break by the sea (there is a great little cafe/taverna in the middle of Arginonda beach) and move to a sector that has afternoon shade.

Masouri... along with Myrties --  the two villages are almost joined -- are the most convenient for climbing, have lots of places to eat, a couple of climbing shopes and great views of the sunset for the romantically inclined.

Best restaurant: Aegean Tavern. Great food, expensive by Greek standards, cheap by Swiss standards. 

Accommodation: Aegean Home Studios. Well located, pretty clean and good value for money.

Itinerary was a flight into Kos, taxi to Mastichari (~20 minutes including waiting time), boat to Kalymnos (1/2hr or 1hr depending on whether you get the fast or the slow one... just take the first one that get there), then taxi to Myrties.

Flights: Aegean via Athens flies most of the year; various charter airlines fly direct from Zurich to Kos (Edelweiss, Germania, maybe others?), but these only operate in the tourist season, until about the end of September. Also possible to fly via Athens to Kalymnos with Olympic Air, but this flight is expensive.