Ski-Touring weekend San Bernadino – March 4th-6th 2016

On March 4th, AACZ members of all age groups and skill levels took off versus the south for a ski touring weekend in the valleys around the San Bernadino pass. Despite highly uncertain weather conditions, around 20 brave members assembled in San Bernadino’s youth hostel and hotel. The first day was characterized by high avalanche danger due to snow falls of about 80cm within 24 hours. The day therefore started with finding one’s car (usually hidden in a huge block of snow) and a subsequent shoveling workout. The touring itself was restricted to ascents (and very powder-heavy descends) of gentle slopes and a nearby ski resort.

On Sunday, the weather in southern Switzerland  – and at the same time the hearts of the 20 snow enthusiasts - cleared up a bit. With the forecast still predicting considerable avalanche danger, rather easy tours in the vicinity of the San Bernadino pass were attempted. A significant portion of the group even ventured towards the excellent weather and slightly better avalanche conditions near Airollo, thus finishing the touring weekend under a blue sky with and ascend and descend of Föisc (2208m) and its knee-deep powder conditions.