Fondei Weihnachstkneipp 2015

As every year, early December marks the occasion for the AACZ Weihnachstkneipp at Fondei hut. Unfortunately, snow was rather scarce and only very few of us verntured to take skis. The rest enjoyed the beautiful weather hiking. As always, the Weihnachtskneipp was a wonderful social event and we enjoyed delicious food and drinks, watching shootingstars and being out in the mountains together.

Not so much snow, but blue sky! (Picture credit M.H.)

Approaching Fondei hut from Blackter Furggeli (Picture credit E.B.)

The hiking group at the top of Zenjiflue (Picture credit E.B.)

A bit more wintery on the northern slopes - on the way to Hauptertälli (Picture credit E.B.)