Coaz Hütte weekend

In total, six club members participated to the Bernina trip organized by Loïc Chalmandrier on the 22-23/07/2017. Part of our group arrived on Saturday morning at the Luftseilbahn Corvatsch and go up to the top. Weather is cloudy but fine. We then start our tour by 11:00 by following the crest line from the station towards the south passing through Piz Murtel, Piz Corvatsch (3451 m) and Lej Sgrischus. Apart from a bit of walking on ice at the very beginning, it was rock all the way with an gorgeous view on both sides of the valley (when clouds were out of the way :) ). We finished the route by the end of the afternoon at the pass of Fuorcla Fex-Roseg and go down towards the Coaz Hut. It is a beautiful place at the end of the glacier of Roseg although it is obvious that the glacier retreated a lot in the last decades. Next day is sunny but because of the lack of snow on the glacier, we decided to do an easy route to avoid crevasses: four of us went to La Muongia (3415 m) while two others do Il Chapütschin (3386 m). It is a glacier route that ends with the climb of a stony summit. Still fresh, the four people team then went down and climbed as well the Il Chapütschin and followed the ridge beyond before taking a short cut along a ridge to go down into the valley.