Fondei Weihnachtskneipp 2016

As every year, early December marks the time for one of the highlights of the AACZ calendar: The Fondei Weihnachstkneipp. As in the past few years, early December of 2016 did not spoil us with lots of snow. In fact, the meadows and summits around the Fondei hut were mostly brown. The weather on Saturday was beautiful and many of the Kneipp-attendants took a little detour walking via the Blackter Furgelli cathcing as much of the sun as possible.

One of the advantges of too little snow is that the ski touring gear can be left at home which leaves more space in everyone's backpack for food and drinks. Thus we enjoyed ample and delicious meals. After a delightful evening, a  good night's sleep and a hearty breakfast most of us took off to make the most of the day and climb one of the summits on the way back.

All in all, it was a great Weihnachtskneip! See you all again in December!

Pictue Credits Jessica P.