Admission and Membership


The main difference between the AACZ and other mountaineering clubs is that we do not offer guided tours and training courses. Every tour with the AACZ is self-guided and self-responsible – thus it is necessary that you have acquired alpinistic skills and experience. Furthermore, the AACZ is not an anonymous club, we value the personal contact between the members. For these reasons you cannot simply sign up but need to follow the admission procedure described below:

If you are interested in the AACZ just write a message to the admission commission in which you introduce yourself and your connection to an academic instituion in Zürich. Please also add a small description of your interests and mountaineering experience. We look forward to getting to know you in person at our next climbing/bouldering meet-up, at a Semestersitzung or at another event. The next step will be to become a 'candidate'. During this getting-to-know-phase limited to 18 month you can participate in (almost) all club activities (except for tours with limited number of places and events that are reserved for members, such as the General Assembly). At our weekly climbing meet-up, our monthly meetings or during jointed tours you can get in touch with our members and the club. We recommend you to participate in at least two club tours during this period and attend the club meetings regularly. In case you don’t already have the necessary alpine experience and skills, we strongly suggest you to catch up on alpinistic training by taking courses with the ASVZ, SAC or a mountain school during this time (lead climbing, crevasse rescue, avalanche training etc.).

If you get to like the AACZ and wish to continue being active with us we will be happy to admit you as a full member. After 6-18 months you can apply for admission by writing an informal email to the admission commission in which you state your interest in the AACZ and tell us about your alpinistic experience as well as of the tours you did with the club. Additionally, we ask you to name three members who were on tour with you, can confirm your alpinistic abilities and support your admission (don't worry, the people who were on tours with you will be happy to recommend admission!). Furthermore, it would be great if you could make a suggestion on how you can contribute to the club life e.g. by organizing a club tour. Your application will be considered by the admission commission and you will be admitted membership at one of the two main club events (January or June). To leave enough time for the bureaucracy we need to get your application 4 weeks before the admission event.

If you plan to stay in Zurich for a shorter period of time (for instance, as an exchange student or for a master thesis), the guest membership can be extended to two years.


After the admission the annual fee for AACZ membership (currently CHF 60) applies and includes the reciprocal rights for huts of SAC and other alpine clubs, including neighbouring countries (Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein etc.)