• Skitouring Weekend - All'Acqua (March 07/08, 2020)

    After Valais and Graubünden in the last two years, this year, it was Ticino’s turn for the big annual AACZ skitouring trip. Given the fact that the winter had been quite poor in terms of snow all over Switzerland except of the Southern part, we were really lucky to have chosen the Bedretto valley in late November. In total, an amazing group of 28 Huttli joined the trip and we were hosted in the ‘Ristorante All’Acqua’ by the new leaseholder from Sicily.

  • Fondei Weihnachtskneipp 7./8.12.19


    Während unten in der Stadt die Weihnachtseinkäufe in Geschenktüten verschnürt wurden, packten wir unsere Rucksäcke für die Skitour. Während vor den Fondue-Hütten Zürichs Felle auf die Bänke gelegt wurden, zogen wir unsere auf die Ski.

  • Autumn slab session


    Romain, Noemie, Florian, and myself escaped the northern rains and enjoyed slab climbing in the beautiful Ticino autumn weather. Noemie and Romain went for a multi-pitch climb outside of Ponte Brolla (Speroni, Quarzi route) while Florian and myself opted for single pitch climbs on the eastern and central sector. 


  • Kröntenhutte

    June 28-30, 2019
    A large group consisting of 20 AACZ members enjoyed the perfect conditions at the Krönten region for 3 days of multi-pitch climbing and  high-alpine tours.   
    One of the highlights were the long climbing routes at Gwächten and Vorder-Päuggenstöckli and the high-alpine tour at the Krönten via the east ridge.  
    The Obersee was perfectly suitable to cool the glowing feet after long climbing routes.
  • Mischabelhütte - Stiftungsfest 2019

    As by tradition, AACZ Hüttli met in Mischabelhütte for the Stiftungsfest 2019. Once again, it was a friendly a cheerful event, greatly hosted by Maria and her team (Thanks again!).
  • Albigna - July 19-22, 2019


    During the “Albigna Alpine Tour and Climbing Weekend”, we explored the beautiful Albigna area in Bergell. The scenery is stunning: a remote area with wild mountains and sharp ridges.

  • Stiftungsfest 2019

    This year Mischabelhütte will host the event. Date: weekend of August 31 and September 1. Please register quickly!

    Download the invitation here.



  • Skitouring in JUF


    As every year, there was a big skitouring weekend in 2019, which took place on the 9th to 10th of March. Talking to Franz back in November, he proposed the rural valley of Avers in Graubünden. Making use of his old connections to the Pension Edelweiss, we happened to stay at the very end of the valley, in Juf.